About the ACT
The ACT is a college entrance exam that is an alternative to the SAT.  Although once used exclusively in the Midwest, today the ACT is accepted by all American colleges.  The ACT is a four part multiple-choice subject test with English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science sections as well as an optional Writing test.  It is scored on a 1-36 scale with colleges receiving the average of the points received on the four subject tests.  The national average score for the test in 2009 was 21.1.
Science ACT Test

i.      The science section of the ACT consists of seven different reading passages and corresponding charts and graphs.  Although the passages contain substantial amounts of science, ACTPrep students do not need to have a high level of scientific knowledge to do well on the test.  ACTPrep’s specific, concrete, step-by-step strategies teach students to excel on the science ACT without wasting time processing the scientific information.   In other words, ACTPrep’s course teaches how to increase your score regardless of what is written in the passages!  ACTPrep’s method can even be used to solve many of the questions without referring to the passages.

ii.     There are three categories of science passages on the test.  Using our methods, students will be able to master techniques specific to each passage and question type.

  1. Graph and Chart Interpretation - Each test contains three graph and chart passages with five questions about each passage.  Each passage has a short reading followed by charts, table, graphs, or illustrations.  ACTPrep teaches students easy techniques to quickly obtain the correct answers.
  2. Understanding Experiments - Each test contains three passages with six questions each  concerning experiment summaries.  These experiments often have figures or data tables illustrating the experimental setup and/or results.  ACTPrep’s five step method provides clear direction for how to excel on these passages.
  3. Differing Hypothesis - Each test contains one passage with seven questions about two differing hypotheses.  This passage usually has no tables or figures and often proves to be a great challenge to students taking the test.  ACTPrep’s systematic methods help you do well on this section without wasting time.

iii.   Why use ACTPrep to prepare for the science section of the ACT?
Many students score lower on the science exam than on the other parts of the exam.  This is due to a number of reasons, including that science is the final subject tested, that scientific content is often unfamiliar and intimidating, and/or that students run out of time before finishing this section.  Science ACT Prep addresses all these issues by preparing our students to move quickly and confidently through the science test.  Our program has been used by many students of differing ability who have each found the course valuable and helpful.

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