How does the ACT compare to the SAT?










How many times per year is the test offered?









What does the test cover?



The test includes 10 sections                                          


> 3 Math


> 3 Writing (one essay)


> 3 Critical Reading, and                                          


> 1 unscored Experimental section that may be math or                                           reading






The test includes four sections:


>1 English


>1 Math


>1 Reading, and                                          


>1 Science Reasoning.                                          





An optional essay section is available.



Do my classes in school help with the test?



Not as much – the SAT is a reasoning test and not a test                                           based on standard high school curricula



Yes – the ACT is a more straight forward test based on                                           student knowledge



Is the test tricky?



Yes -



No – the ACT does not try to mislead test takers with answers                                           that look appealing but are incorrect



How long is the test?



3 hours 45 minutes





2 hours 55 minutes                                          


(not including optional writing test)                                          



Is there a guessing penalty for wrong answers?









Are all previous scores sent to colleges?                                          



No – you chose the results by test date to send to                                           colleges.                                          



No – you chose the results by test date to send to                                           colleges.                                          



How do I find out more about the test?



Educational Testing Service:


The                                           College Board:



ACT, Inc.:









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