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When I made the switch from the SAT to the ACT, I was most worried about studying for the Science section.  I was afraid that I would never be able to master it, and that it would be the one section that would bring my scores down.  I have never considered myself a science-oriented student, so the very notion that I would be tested on it, and have these scores sent to colleges, was daunting.  However, my worries were for nothing--I ended up scoring three points higher than my goal.  Rebecca Masinter has a very methodical, tried and true method that, with practice, works beautifully.   While at first it can be frustrating to trust the method because it seems rigid, the truth is that it simply works.  It takes a few practices for it to "click," but once it does, a new level of confidence sets in, and the section becomes significantly easier.  I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca Masinter.

Andrea M.


"Hey Rebecca, You can add this to your bragging rights: I jumped from 25 to 35!
Science 35
Math 34
Reading 34
English 34
I'm pretty happy!"

"After just one session with Mrs. Masinter my score jumped three points. Her well thought out strategies and straightforward explanations transformed the once arcane science section into a series of passages that could be easily and systematically tackled using her techniques. She is invaluable to the test taking process."

"Rebecca:   Unbelievable . .  .  Science:  36!!!  Perfect!!  Thanks!!!"

"I just wanted to thank you again for your class on the science section of the ACT.  My results came the other day, and I'm really happy with them.  My science score was a 29, and my composite score was a 33.  Your class really helped me on the science section and some of your techniques helped me on the other sections as well. Thanks again!"

"Hi Mrs. Masinter, I just received my ACT scores and I got a 32 composite and a 36 on the science portion! Thank you so much for your online tutoring, it really really helped!! On my last practice ACT I got a 28 overall and a 20 on science, so I went up 16 points. Thanks again!!"

"I just received my ACT score report, and I got a 25 on the science section! Last time I got an 18. I can't believe I improved by 7 points after only meeting with you once. Thank you so much for all of your help."
Ariel C., Potomac, MD

"On my science section, I got a 30, up from a 24! Even though there was a gap between the 2 sessions I had with you and the time I took the test, I periodically went over the strategies you gave me and it really paid off!"
Grace C., Olney, MD

"Before I took this course I was confused by the science test.  Now I know it is not a section to be afraid of.  It is a whole lot easier after working with you!  Thank you for helping me get a great score!"
Kathleen R., Olney, MD



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